WordPress Audit

Understand the current state of your WordPress site!

You have a WordPress site, and you want to make sure it’s functioning normally. You’ve come to this conclusion due to one or more reasons. It’s slow, plugins won’t update, you can’t make changes, or you want to be proactive and avoid potential issues down the road. The list goes on, and you’re slowly losing confidence.

A WordPress Audit will give you a clear idea of the current state of your WordPress site. Once a WordPress professional from our team gains access to your WordPress site, they will start their audit. Once complete, you will be provided with a detailed report of the current status of your WordPress site. The report is broken down into multiple categories, each category has multiple checks that will have a severity. Each category will highlight actionable recommendations.

You can then work with someone from our team to action these recommendations, we’ll make sure to provide a quote before commencing work so you’re aware of the cost of your investment to bring your site up to a good state.

What’s included in a WordPress Audit

Full WordPress site audit in a detailed PDF report  completed by a WordPress professional with recommendations in the follow categories.

  • Web Hosting
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Database
  • Plugin
  • Backup

WordPress Audit Pricing

Basic Audit

  • Full WordPress Audit on one (1) basic WordPress site.
    • Doesn’t include Multisite or WooCommerce.
  • Detailed PDF Report with Recommendations.
  • A $50 Discount on all LMT WordPress Services.

$300/one time CAD

Advanced Audit

  • Full WordPress Audit on one (1) Advanced WordPress Site
    • Includes WooCommerce
    • Includes Membership Sites
    • Includes LMS
    • Includes Ultimo
    • Includes MultiSite
  • PDF Report with Recommendations
  • A $100 discount on all LMT WordPress Services.

$600/one-time CAD

Questions? Require a Custom Solution?

If you have any questions about our offerings or require a custom solution, please reach out for an initial consultation and we can discuss your needs.

Looking for an all in one solution?

Do you require WordPress Hosting, Maintenance, and Support?

Our WordPress One solution will ensure that you're covered on all fronts when it comes to WordPress.

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We have many WordPress Services, from Support, Maintenance to Hosting. We also have a Service Library with popular one time WordPress services.

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