Remote Support

 Get support from anywhere

Allow one of our consultants to access your computer from anywhere as long as you’re able to access the internet and can run the Remote Support Client we can assist you. You must be an existing client, or have a support plan in order to be eligible.

Not an existing client? Sign up for a support plan!

If you’re not an existing client, you can sign up for one of our support plans.

If you’re wish to chat further, you can book a consultation!

Instant Remote Support

If you require instant support, please click the download button below to load our Instant Remote Support client.

Once your Remote Support session is completed, you can delete the software from your device.

Previous Versions

Download these only when advised.

Managed Remote Support

If you subscribed to the Managed Remote Support service, then please use this download link.

How to use:

It is recommended that an LMT Consultant installs and configures the Managed Remote Support Client. However, it can still be completed by you with the assistance of an LMT Consultant.

1. Download and run the Remote Support Client

2. Create an ID and Password (make sure to provide these to your consultant)

3. All set! Your consultant will be able to access your computer and help you with your technical issue.

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Jordan Trask

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