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We’re always on the lookout for useful information to make it easier to use technology in our day to day lives. There’s so much knowledge and tools online that it can become an issue to keep up with it all. We want to share with our clients all the new technology available to improve their lives and businesses.


So what am I going to receive in my inbox?

By signing up, you’ll receive great information about what’s new in the technology world, including deals on tools and software.

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I know subscribing to newsletters is difficult as you don’t know how many emails you’ll be getting and if the content will even be relevant or worth your time. We’ve been battling internally on how to provide our clients with useful information regularly, without plugging up their inbox.

Our goal

We want to provide an email bi-weekly loaded with a number of items that are easily digestible, with a read more link for further information. Allow you to focus on getting your inbox cleared out, but also providing you with lots of useful information and tools to better yourself and your business.

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Jordan Trask

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