Confidential Data Sharing Methods

Sharing Confidential Data

You may be asked to share confidential data at some point with another party. It’s important that you share the confidential data securely. The following page provides some options for sharing data and passwords securely with another person.

LMT Secure Data Sharing

If you’re an LMT Solutions client, you can use our Secure Data Sharing platform to share passwords and other data with our team.

Gmail's Confidential Send

If you’re a user of Gmail or Google Workspace. Gmail has a really cool feature that allows you to send an email that expires in a set amount of time, and/or requires a unique password that only the intended recipient will know.

How to use it:

  1. Begin to compose a new email
  2. Turn on Confidential Send by clicking the icon with the little lock and clock:

Gmail confidential send icon

3. Select your expiration time and require passcode options:

Gmail confidential send options

4. Hit save

5. Finish composing your email and send
That’s it!

Your email contents will not be visible once the expiry time has elapsed. This is a great way to send not only passwords, but other sensitive data, images, and other documents.


Password Managers


1Password is a fantastic password manager tool and the way it works is you have a master password and you have a backup recovery sheet in case you forget or get locked out. You’ll want to keep this in a secure place like a safe.

After saving your password in the 1Password vault, you can share it with specific people, giving access to only those people who need it. 1Password has a chrome extension, mobile app, and standalone desktop app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Command Line for the most flexibility and ease of use of them all. 


There is also LastPass which is a similar tool to 1Password and really does the same job but looks different!



Another Password Manager is BitWarden, which again provides the same features as both 1Password and LastPass. However, it’s also open-source, which some people find as a positive.