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Let’s get down to it.

Most businesses have these IT problems:

  • System crashes and freeze-ups
  • Private information and data losses
  • Programs are too complicated, it takes forever to train new staff
  • Nothing integrates — you have 5 different software programs to do one job


Why Choose LMT Solutions?

We'll never
make you feel stupid

Technical jargon doesn't help anyone. We want you to be comfortable and understand the solution we provide. After all, you'll be the one using it.

Reliable support with answers that make sense

When you send us a question or issue, we delve into it right away. We respond quickly with multiple options for you (depending on the issue).

Our solutions are tailored for your business

We don't have a one-size-fits-all answer. We learn how your business functions and seek the best solutions for your needs.

People-first is not just a slogan

Our clients' success means everything. We're people too and we know you have a business to run and a family to support. Let us help you.

Our solutions aren't overly complicated

We do our best to provide software and hardware solutions that don't take a rocket-scientist to understand and use. Everything is user-friendly.

Warranty-covered services so you're not left behind

It matters to us that the hardware and software we provide doesn't cause more problems than they fix. Our services are covered by our warranty.

LMT Solutions provides seamless integration solutions


Based on 5 Reviews
BV Robins
August 10, 2022

Jordan was amazing to work with. He joined a complicated and difficult situation and was cheerful but persistent and found a way where I don't know if anyone else would've. He has ridiculous problem solving and technical skills and combines that with the ability to communicate to non-techies in a way that everyone can get on board with. I find myself hoping I can find ways to hire him again!

Comfy Girl Curls
May 21, 2021

Working with Jordan and LMT solutions has been such a wonderful experience, and I know I'll be relying on them tons more in the future. After trying to manage my blog on my own for the past 5 years (and wasting time trial and erroring), I knew it was time to seek help. Jordan helped me make a clear game plan to speed up my website, and made the process of changing my hosting and email services so painless. I couldn't recommend them more!

Jordan “jordantrizz” Arthur
May 11, 2021

Great guy!

Josip Lovric
July 4, 2020

polite and efficient. gets the job done. very happy


Highly Recommended!

They did an incredible job. My client was hacked and it was pretty complicated to fix the issue. Not only did they remove all of the compromised files but also provided me with detailed information on how to prevent that from happening again.

Shaun Paquette
Shaun Paquette

Blind Beginnings

Ever since Jordan started working for Blind Beginnings, I have felt an extra sense of security that if I run into a tech problem, there is somebody I can call who will be able to help. He took the time to understand the screen reader I use and how it impacts the way I use a computer. He is always available in a crisis, even now that we’re in different time zones. He’s patient and calm and will persevere until he fixes the problem.


Vital Body

GOD bless my IT hero – he’s kept our business up to speed for 9 years now and has really gone above and beyond as we moved everything online in March – best advice, super knowledgeable and all done remotely. Online store working like a charm. Thanks Jordan Trask!


Invincible Stars Soccer Academy

Great company, amazing people, well experienced and knowledgeable, 💯% quality service, my soccer academy website is spot on. I will recommend your services anyone in heartbeat to anyone. Thank you 🙏 Jordan & Gina.


Simon Bennett at SnapShooter

Having worked with Jordan, he clearly knows his way around Linux servers.

I would more than trust him to look after my businesses online assets.


Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett

April Hilland

Jordan effortlessly set up my website launching my business to a global audience. His knowledge, experience and all around attitude made him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services.

April Hilland
April Hilland Author

CML55 Consulting

I'm not the most tech-savvy person so I reached out to a professional associate who suggested I reach out to Jordan Trask at LMT solutions. LMT talked with me about my IT challenge and quickly resolved my situation. It was painless!

Carey M. Lewis
Carey M. Lewis


I worked with Jordan on various technical projects for our small business over the course of many years. He was and continues to be our go-to for all matters relating to our website and in house tech. Highly recommend him!

Amrita Ahuja
Amrita Ahuja

Reilly Renwick

Jordan's technical skills never cease to amaze me. I have watched him diagnose complex technical in minutes that entire IT teams couldn't figure out in days. He is vastly knowledgeable and is my go-to source for support.

Reilly Renwick
Reilly Renwick

Dieno Digital

Jordan is one of the most technical consultants I've known when it comes to anything relating to technical infrastructure. He is able to quickly analyze problems, troubleshoot, and find solutions all while communicating effectively.

Leland Dieno
Leland Dieno Owner

Blind Beginnings

Jordan is responsive, and knowledgeable. I worked with Jordan for approximately 8 years with a previous organization and when I was looking for IT support for my new organization I knew he had the knowledge and experience to support us.

Lia Dicicco
Lia Dicicco


I have known Jordan Trask for over 10 years and in that time, I have been impressed with his professionalism, confidence and entrepreneur endeavor with his company LMT Solutions. He started this company at a young age and has always provided prompt service, responsive problem solving solutions and when handling clients, like myself, who have limited technical aptitude. His extensive experience and amazing attitude with clients can only contribute to his success with LMT Solutions.


Industrial Brand

I’ve relied on Jordan and LMT Solutions for IT services, web-hosting, and security-related needs and as a general go-to for technical assistance. Over the 5  years Jordan has been helping me and our company, he has been responsive, pleasant, informative and incredibly patient. I’ve personally really appreciated both his calm manner and willingness to explain step-by-step what he is doing. Jordan is motivated, organized, available and offers a terrific suite of cost-effective services for small to mid-sized growth companies. Let him help you!

Owner, Industrial Brand


Agata Testimonial

Jordan has a genuine and authentic nature that is evident upon meeting him. He is passionate about helping business owners understand how to traverse technology situations that may have otherwise caused them stress, anxiety or frustration. He is approachable, personable, caring and extremely talented in his field. His solid, solutions focused manner towards effective communication between all parties, allows him the ability to inject into a situation and work towards a solution quickly. He gathers everyone on a team towards a clearly defined common goal and rallies participation and action to fulfill forward movement on projects. Jordan is tenacious and works hard to get to the root of the issue at hand, while looking at multiple avenues towards final resolution.

Agata Owner

Our Warranty. Technology can be a pain, but we’ll never leave you hanging

30-Day Warranty covers our labor for any hardware or software installation. We will also help troubleshoot any issues within the programs we install. Our IT solutions should never cause more problems than they are meant to fix.

If you’re having issues, contact our support.

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