Remote Support

One of our popular services is Remote Support, which allows one of our consultants to access your computer from anywhere. No matter where you might be as long as you’re able to access the internet and run the Remote Support client we can assist you!

One-time Remote Support

If you only require support for a single instance, then please download the one-time remote support client.

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate Remote Support Client for your computer, simply run or extract the download.

You will then be present with a screen with an ID and Password that looks like the following below, Simply note the ID and Password and provide to the consultant you’re working with.


Managed Remote Support

If you subscribe to the Managed Remote Support service, then please down the Managed Remote Support Client

It’s suggested that an LMT consultant installs and configures the Managed Remote Support Client but can still be completed by the client with assistance from an LMT consultant.