How to Contact LMT Solutions

We have implemented a system to streamline our communication process to ensure that I provide you with the attention you deserve. Here’s how you can reach our organization efficiently.

New Client

If you want to discuss your IT needs, share project details, or explore potential collaborations, I encourage you to book a meeting through my online scheduling system. This way, we can allocate dedicated time to address your requirements comprehensively.

Existing Client or Schedule Work

If you’re an existing client or need to schedule dedicated work time please use my scheduling system. This will allow me to prioritize your tasks efficiently and deliver results promptly.

Paid Consultation

If you require immediate consultation or advice, please book a paid consultation session. This ensures that I can devote focused attention to your specific needs and provide you with valuable insights tailored to your requirements.

Phone Call

At any time you can call our office phone, we’ll do our best to try and answer your call promptly and assist you personally. However, please leave a detailed message if we’re unavailable.

Emergency Situations

In case of emergencies that require immediate attention.

Contact Form

Please use the form below if you have any questions, someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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Contact Information

Phone: +1-855-929-0067
Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 9AM to 5PM EST
Closed on All Canadian Statutory Holidays

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Are you Looking for Business Technology Coaching?

If you're looking for someone to help you shape your business using technology, I provide one on one business technology consulting. What does this mean? I will sit down with you and discuss your business top down and how you can improve your processes to run more efficiently using technology.

Jordan Trask

Jordan Trask

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Jordan Trask
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