Web Hosting

Fast and Secure Hosting for WordPress or WooCommerce

Premium Hardware

Dedicated servers based on top-range components and high-bandwidth connections.

Protection & Backups

We provide offsite backups and cutting-edge security to protect your data.

PHP7 and PHP 8 Support

Twice as fast as PHP5.6 and results in 50% less memory consumption — faster and more secure hosting.


We provide solutions using Nginx, Openlitespeed and Litespeed Enterprise. 

We don’t oversell.

You’ll never know you have a neighbour, all services are operating with extra capacity so there are no slow-downs to your operations.

Knowledgeable Support

Reliable support that makes sense and won’t have you spinning in circles. We provide custom answers for your problems.

Questions? Require a Custom Solution?

If you have any questions about our offerings or require a custom solution, please reach out for an initial consultation and we can discuss your needs.

What makes us different than other IT Solution providers?

We’ll never
make you feel stupid

Technical jargon doesn’t help anyone. We want you to be comfortable and understand the solution we provide. After all, you’ll be the one utilizing it.

Reliable support with answers that make sense

When you send us a question or issue, we delve into it right away. We respond quickly with multiple options for you (depending on the issue).

Our solutions are tailored for your business

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. We learn how your business functions and seek the best solutions for your needs.

People-first is not just a slogan

Our clients success means everything. We’re people too and we know you have a business to run and a family to support. Let us help you.

Our solutions aren’t overly complicated

We do our best to provide software and hardware solutions that don’t take a rocket-scientist to understand and use. Everything is user-friendly.

Warranty-covered services so you’re not left behind

It matters to us that the hardware and software we provide doesn’t cause more problems than they fix. Our services are covered by our warranty.*


Based on 5 Reviews
BV Robins
August 10, 2022

Jordan was amazing to work with. He joined a complicated and difficult situation and was cheerful but persistent and found a way where I don't know if anyone else would've. He has ridiculous problem solving and technical skills and combines that with the ability to communicate to non-techies in a way that everyone can get on board with. I find myself hoping I can find ways to hire him again!

Comfy Girl Curls
May 21, 2021

Working with Jordan and LMT solutions has been such a wonderful experience, and I know I'll be relying on them tons more in the future. After trying to manage my blog on my own for the past 5 years (and wasting time trial and erroring), I knew it was time to seek help. Jordan helped me make a clear game plan to speed up my website, and made the process of changing my hosting and email services so painless. I couldn't recommend them more!

Jordan “jordantrizz” Arthur
May 11, 2021

Great guy!

Josip Lovric
July 4, 2020

polite and efficient. gets the job done. very happy

Jordan Trask

Jordan Trask

Typically replies within 24 hours

I will be back soon

Jordan Trask
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