New Company? Looking for Affordable Web Hosting or Website Builder During the Bootstrapping Phase?

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Just started a new company? Solo-entrepreneur? Now you need a website to highlight your products or services and a method to contact, but need to bootstrap until your endeavour is market tested or when you hit profit and can re-invest into a website later?

This article will provide you with some options that can tide you over until you can invest more money into a website.

Affordable Web Hosting for Static Content

1. Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare Pages
Build your next application with Cloudflare Pages

Get ready to fire up your old copy of Dreamweaver! If you know HTML or have an HTML template, then Cloudflare Pages is a great platform that you can use for free to host your static website.

You can build a site out in HTML and throw it up for free, and then use Typeform for a free contact form ( or Google Forms. I suggest signing up for as it has many free features and you can invite your tech friend to help you setup everything up, or you could also hire us!

Affordable Website Builders

1. Framer

Framer — Start your dream site with AI. Zero code, maximum speed.
Start your website with AI and design on a familiar canvas. Add animations, interactions and a CMS. Optimize for every breakpoint — no code needed and publish for free.

2. – Visual Headless CMS
Build and optimize digital experiences for any tech stack with full control, visually.

3. TeleportHQ

Static Website Builder for Fast Loading Websites
Create fast-loading websites using our static site builder for free. Generate static pages or entire websites using our easy drag-and-drop low code editor.

4. Hocoos

Hocoos AI Website Builder – Create Your Website in 5 Minutes
Create professional websites with our AI website builder, no code needed. Get all the sales and marketing tools to start & grow your business now. Ready?


Generate Your Website with AI in 30 Seconds
AI website builder. From curated images to AI-written content, get the professional site your business needs with none of the work. Starting at $12 per month.


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