WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

Why wait for something to happen? Be proactive!

Are you not able to keep up with the multiple WordPress plugin updates?  Don’t know if your site is secure?

A WordPress Maintenance package from LMT ensures that you don’t have to go through the many issues businesses face when they leave their WordPress sites unattended. Instead, you can worry about your business and work within your WordPress site worry free. We’ve got your back.

LMT has developed a comprehensive WordPress Maintenance service with different packages to suit your needs. No longer do you need to worry about updating your WordPress plugins or if there’s an error on your site you don’t know about. We have put together a solution that takes care of all the common issues you’ll face with a WordPress website. Instead of having to find out yourself and then have your hosting provider give you a lengthy technical response on a resolution that might even be something they can’t help you with.

Already Have WordPress Hosting?

If you already have hosting services for your WordPress site, don’t worry as our maintenance packages will work! Most hosting providers are compatible with our services. If not, then we can work with your provider directly through any issues that arise.

Sometimes, hosting providers just don’t get WordPress, or they’ve having evolved. This is when we’d suggest moving to a new hosting provider that understands the needs of a WordPress site. We can provide you a recommended WordPress hosting provider, or you can host with LMT. We provide WordPress hosting on it’s own, or through our WordPress One service that includes WordPress Hosting, Maintenance, and Extended Support.

WordPress Maintenance Pricing

Maintenance Starter

For Simple Sites with Low Traffic

  • WordPress and Plugin Updates
  • Access to premium plugins
  • Access to training material
  • Security protection
  • Site uptime monitoring


$440/year (Save $30)

* All pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Maintenance Standard

For Medium Sized Sites

  • Everything in Starter
  • Offsite secondary backups
  • Email delivery and logging
  • Annual performance audit

$880/year (Save $60)

* All pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAD)

Maintenance Super

For Large Sites and Woo Stores

  • Everything in Starter + Standard
  • Error monitoring and response.
  • Advanced security protection
  • Audit logging
  • Quarter performance tuning

    $1100/year (Save $80)

    * All pricing is in Canadian dollars (CAD)

    Why choose LMT for your WordPress Needs?

    LMT Solutions has been providing technical solutions for two decades. We don't just know WordPress inside and out, we also understand servers, email, DNS and networking. This is important when you're troubleshooting problems, we understand everything from top to bottom. But we don't know everything, our team is always learning, keeping up with industry standards and continually active in the WordPress community.

    When a complicated problem arises, we make sure to complete a root cause analysis. It's important to understand the cause of a problem, before coming up with recommendations. However, we also understand problems aren't always simple and sometimes require out-of-the-box thinking to resolve. This is where we shine, we know working on the toughest problems sometimes means going back to the basics. Double-checking everything and ensuring that no rock goes unturned.

    Questions? Require a Custom Solution?

    If you have any questions about our offerings or require a custom solution, please reach out for an initial consultation and we can discuss your needs.

    View all our WordPress Services

    We have many WordPress Services, from Support, Maintenance to Hosting. We also have a Service Library with popular one time WordPress services.

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    Looking for an all in one solution?

    Do you require WordPress Hosting, Maintenance, and Support?

    Our WordPress One solution will ensure that you're covered on all fronts when it comes to WordPress.

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