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by | Aug 17, 2021

Here at LMT we often get asked “Which WordPress Hosting should I use?” so we decided that we should curate a list of appropriate WordPress Hosting Providers.

Decision Making Process

Our decision-making process is straightforward.

  1. We’ve had experience with each provider.
  2. We’ve research their offerings and technology
  3. We always provide third party reviews such as
  4. They’re not an EIG company
  5. They’re not oversold, leading to terrible performance.
  6. They have decent support.
  7. Include Free SSL Certificates.

Affiliate/Referral Links

Affiliate links are used on this page and marked accordingly. We don’t promote one hosting provider over another due to any kickback we receive. We made this guide for our clients, and affiliate links aren’t our primary revenue source.

Shared Hosting

When you’re looking at most hosting companies providing WordPress hosting, they’ll be providing Shared Hosting. What is shared hosting? It means that your site will be on a server with multiple other client sites.

Can shared hosting be a bad thing? Yes and no. Yes, when hosting providers oversell their services and the speed of your site becomes poor. You also have to worry about noisy neighbors that might cause an overall server issue that could affect the entire server and all the sites on the server, including yours.

Siteground – $14.99/month USD

Siteground has been around for some time and has a solid offering. Their support is only offered via Chat or Tickets and does sometimes have a queue. Although they allow you unlimited websites on some plans, they restrict monthly visits and the total number of files under your account.

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Supports Cloudflare
  • Supports staging sites.
  • Developer/Collaborator Access
  • Decent rating on Review Signal
  • Live Chat + Ticket Support.
  • Affordiable.
  • Usage limited by monthly visits.
  • Usage limited by number of files.See this article for more details.
    • On StartUp plans: 200000 inodes per account
    • On GrowBig plans: 400000 inodes per account
    • On GoGeek plans: 600000 inodes per account

Flywheel – $13-$25/month USD

Flywheel is a great company, although acquired by GoDaddy. They have a great Control Panel and decent service.

  • User friendly control panel.
  • Supports Cloudflare
  • Supports staging sites.
  • Highest rating on Review Signal.
  • Developer/Collaborator Access
  • Agency Plan.
  • Bought by GoDaddy.
  • Usage limited by monthly visits.

A2 Hosting – $2.99-$14.99/month USD

A2 Hosting has been around for a while, they offer WordPress Hosting and WordPress Managed Hosting, the latter being on Plesk versus cPanel and offering a single license of Jetpack.

  • cPanel control panel.
  • Supports Cloudflare
  • Litespeed Hosting
  • Developer/Collaborator Access
  • Allows unlimited sites.


KnownHost – $5-$10/month USD

KnownHost has been around since 2006, and unfortunately, we haven’t had any experience with them. They’re being listed as they’re 4th on Review Signal


  • Nothing to our knowledge.

Advanced Shared Hosting Providers

The advanced shared hosting providers are typically more expensive than the Standard Hosting Providers due to a number of reasons. Better support, more advanced infrastructure, and bleeding-edge technology.

We’re working on this category and will have more information soon.




Pay as you Go Hosting Providers


Closte offers a “Pay as You Go” pricing model, you only pay for what your site uses on their infrastructure. They also include automatic scaling.

  • Great control panel
  • Includes backups
  • Includes Litespeed Web Server
  • Google CDN for an extra charge.
  • GCP servers.
  • Automatic scaling of resources.


  • No ssh access, this seems to have changed recently.
  • No means to restrict, turn off, notify when a site exceeds a specific amount of usage.
  • Support doesn’t help with WordPress issues, only platform issues.

VPS WordPress Hosting Providers

We’re working on this category and will have more information soon.




Hosting Providers to Avoid

Please do your own research, this is only our experience and your’s may be different.


Godaddy has been in the hosting and domain name industry for years. However, they still seem to have issues with their platform. Support differs based on the agent you connect with. Their platform sometimes has issues with Cloudflare. They didn’t offer Free SSL Certificates until recently.


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