Sharing Newrelic Access

Newrelic Organization Sharing

The organization sharing with Newrelic is slightly different than what you would expect. When sharing access to an organization, if the person you’re sharing the access with already has a Newrelic account, they will need to use the “Verify Email” process to switch between organizations.

Multiple Account Access Process

This process is detailed here on the Newrelic Community Support forum at Relic Solution: So you’ve created a new account and can’t seem to access your old account

Once at the Newrelic login screen, you enter your email address and click next. You will then be asked to enter your password. However, you should see a box above your email address with the text “Multiple accounts found. Verify your email to view all your accounts”. Here’s a screenshot of the message.

Once you click the “Verify your email” link, you will then be asked to solve a captcha, and then an email with a link will be sent. The link, when opened, will show you all the accounts. As you can see from the screenshot below.

This isn’t an ideal method as you have to wait for the verification email, click on it and then choose an account. If you have access to multiple Newrelic organizations, this becomes cumbersome.

Step 1 – Login to Your New Relic Account

Login to Newrelic at

Step 2 – Navigate to Administration

Once logged in, click on the top-right icon, which will expand the “Account Settings” and click on “Administration”

Step 3 – Click on User Management

Step 4 – Click on Add User

On the right hand side, click on “Add USer”

Step 5 – Fill out Add User Form

Fill out the “Add a user” form, making sure to replace the “company” with your company or nickname name if you’re providing LMT access to your Newrelic account.

Select “Full Platform” under type and add the new user to the “Admin” group.

Once filled out click “Add user”

Step 6 – Click on link in the email

An email will be sent to the email you provided in the previous setup. Once this link is clicked, you will be asked to create a password and then you’ll have access to the Newrelic organization.

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